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Haitian Student Samuel Yacinthe Re-engineers Chevrolet Camaro


Haitian student , a graduate of West Boca Raton Community High School, is helping to redesign and re-engineer a as part of the team.

EcoCAR 3 is a four-year advanced vehicle technology competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors. Students from 16 universities across North America are challenged to redesign and re-engineer a Chevrolet Camaro to make it more fuel efficient and better for the environment, while still maintaining safety, performance and consumer acceptability.


Yacinthe was born in Haiti and moved to Florida at the age of two. While growing up in South Florida, he became interested in engineering when receiving his first Lego-set in elementary school. Samuel has proven his passion for engineering outreach through participation in projects including ICubed (National Science Foundation funded research project) as he continues to positively impact the community.

“I believe that many of the opportunities I have now are a product of a great foundational education and hometown,” Yacinthe said. “Whether I go on to become a Professor in engineering or to work at an automotive company, the skills I have learned from Boca Raton will stay with me forever.”

Yacinthe grew up in the Palmetto Pines community south of Palmetto Park Road and west of 441.

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